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Our History

In the late summer of 1976 at the prompting of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Cyril Robinson PSGD, reviews were made of the waiting time for initiates in the three oldest Lodges (in Leighton Buzzard) of St. Barnabas No: 948, Beaudesert No: 1087 and Leighton Cross No: 6176. This confirmed that there was need for another Lodge in the town, doubtless brought about by the tremendous expansion which occurred over the last decade.

Accordingly W. Bro. John Pratt, at the time Provincial Senior Grand Warden in the Province of Bedfordshire, and a Founder and Past Master of Leighton Cross Lodge originated talks with W. Bro. S W Pacey, PPrGReg and Secretary of Leighton Cross Lodge.

Invitations were extended to appropriate brethren to discuss the matter. A meeting was call on 18th November 1976 at which W. Bro. J Pratt was elected Chairman and W. Bro. S W Pacey as Secretary and the committee formed themselves into a Board of Management. The foundation of a new lodge was agreed upon with the principle of speedier advancement of young masons as the primary objective and that a minimum of Past Masters should be encouraged to occupy the Master’s Chair. It was thereupon proposed to form a new lodge and the name All Saints Lodge was unanimously agreed upon.

Invitations to assist in the venture were extended to, and accepted, 26 members of the existing Leighton Buzzard Lodges.

A resolution to support the petition to Grand Lodge for the issue of the Warrant or Charter was put before the members of Leighton Cross Lodge in January 1977 and was carried without dissention. Unfortunately W. Bros. Emmett and Batchelor withdrew for personal reasons and W. Bro. King indicated that because of other Masonic commitments he would not become a Founder but nevertheless pledged his support for the new Lodge.

The petition was dispatched in February 1977. The petition received the assent of Grand Lodge and the number 8776 allotted to the new Lodge being particularly indicative of its relationship to its family; Beaudesert (10)87 and Leighton Cross (61)76.

It would be difficult to single out any one brother for special mention but mention must be paid to Bro. Willie Telfer who designed the banner and to W. Bro. Bert Garner and his wife for the backcloth to the VSL and for undertaking the making of the banner.

Undoubtedly the happiness of the members was promoted in the by the zeal and ability with which the genuine principles of the Institution were promulgated.

The Consecration of the All Saints Lodge, No: 8776, was undertaken by the RW Provincial Grand Master, Sir Gilbert Inglefield, CBE on 28th May 1977 at the Chalney Girls High School.

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