Please visit the websites of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire and the United Grand Lodge of England for much more information on Freemasonry at a regional and national level.

Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire

United Grand Lodge of England

What Is Freemasonry All About?

Freemasonry is one of the world's most established non-religious, non-political and friendly organisations.

It encourages the knowledge of one's self through a series of of ceremonies and individuals are required to be of good standing and are urged to talk freely about the organisation. There are various reasons for joining the Freemasons and those are known only to the individuals. Some join because of family tradition, many will want to increase their friendship circles, there are those who are familiar with Masonic charitable giving and have a desire to put something back into society and some are simply curious as to what it's all about.

Freemasonry instructs its members in an ethical and moral way to deal with life: holding the values of fairness, of honesty, of kindness and integrity in high regard. Masons are asked to keep family life as central in their lives, but similarly show sympathy and care towards the more vulnerable of society.